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Special Collections in Celebration of JCB’s 65th Year

In honor of JCB turning 65 years old in 2020, we are delighted to present a series of historical collections highlighting some of the strongest work published in the journal, organized by cell biological subtopics. We looked at the most highly cited work published in JCB and consulted current and former members of the JCB Editorial Board and Early Career Advisory Board. We included seminal studies as well as recent papers that most captured the interest of our readers based on requests for articles online. The collections showcase changes in authorship demographics and editorial representation over time. They illustrate the need to continue our efforts to incorporate a fuller range of perspectives and voices in our process and in the works we publish to better serve and represent the diverse and international cell biology community. Making the final selection was not easy, and we hope you will enjoy these collections even if they only encapsulate a fraction of the groundbreaking work published in JCB. If we missed your favorite JCB study, tweet to @JCellBiol using the hashtag #JCB65, or email us at

We thank the authors, editors, and reviewers who have made JCB a journal of record for the cell biology community over the years. We look forward to continuing to publish exciting, original studies that push the increasingly broad field of cell biology to new heights and to serve the community by providing an excellent, rigorous but fair, and consistent editorial process,  led by practicing scientists  for scientists.

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JCB65: Methods

JCB65: Cytoskeleton

JCB65: Cell Division, Cell Cycle, and Polarity

JCB65: Cell Adhesion and Migration

JCB65: Cell Death

JCB65: Mitochondria

JCB65: Nuclear and Chromatin Biology

JCB65: DNA Replication and Repair


JCB65: Lipid and Membrane Biology

JCB65: Trafficking and Organelles

JCB65: Autophagy

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