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Read-and-Publish Agreement Author Experience

If your institution has a Read-and-Publish agreement with Rockefeller University Press and you are the primary corresponding author publishing in Journal of Cell Biology, Journal of Experimental Medicine, or Journal of General Physiology, you are entitled to Gold Open Access publication with all fees covered by the deal. Please follow the steps in this document to ensure that your manuscript is recognized as part of the deal.

Initial Submission

Initial author screen with Author Information tab selected. There are3 areas indicated by number. 1. Corresponding author checkbox. 2. Institution name filed. 3. additional affiliations selection.
Figure 1. Submission form with Author Information tab selected.

Read-and-Publish eligibility is based on the manuscript affiliation for the primary corresponding author, which is indicated by the checked box as shown in Fig. 1, Area 1. This will be checked by default if you are the submitting author.

RUP’s deals are driven by underlying Research Organization Registry (ROR) IDs. Authors must validate their institution by selecting it from a ROR type-ahead menu. As displayed in Fig. 1, Area 2, the Validate Institution link must be clicked to select your institution. At this step, you should select the institution that is your current institution for correspondence purposes.

After clicking 'Validate Institution' the 'Search for Organizations' interface appears. There is a search fuels to enter text to search, resulting in a selectable list of matched institutions. After selecting the correct institution, a save button turns blue and must be clicked to save.
Figure 2. Search for Organizations screen.

After clicking Validate Institution, the Search for Organizations interface will pop up. Entering search text in the Institution field presents a list of matching names as a selectable menu. Select the correct name and click Save. Note that you may need to adjust your search term(s) to locate your institution. Don’t be concerned if the name does not appear exactly as you’d like it to in the published affiliation. We will use the text that has been provided in your manuscript file.

ROR IDs were developed as a top-level identifier, and in some cases, you will not find a medical school or hospital. In those cases, please find and select the top-level identifier for your institution.

Note that, because there are rare instances of institutions that do not have a ROR ID, the system allows you to save without selecting from the list. However, doing so will result in the manuscript not being recognized as part of a deal. See Figs. 3 and 4 below.

Screenshot showing validated institution selection. The correct name displays and there is a green check mark indicating successful validation. Next to the check is an edit link.
Figure 3. Successful validation.

Figure 4. Invalid selection.

Multiple Manuscript Affiliations for Corresponding Author

If the institution selected as your current address is not the same as your manuscript affiliation, or if you have additional manuscript affiliations, you should add those, being sure to re-enter the institution you entered above if it is also a manuscript affiliation.

To do so, select Yes to the question Does this author have any manuscript affiliations that are different from or in addition to the above address, as shown in Fig. 5, Area 1 below.

Once Yes is selected, you will have the ability to add institution names by validating (Fig. 5, Area 2) as described above.

If you have multiple affiliations, use the Add affiliation link shown in Fig. 5, Area 3.

Image showing additional affiliations selection process.
Figure 5. Detail of Fig. 1, Area 3.

License to Publish Choices

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the corresponding author will receive an email with a link to complete a License to Publish. For manuscripts eligible for Read-and-Publish agreements, the below splash screen will be presented to the author.

Figure 6. License options.

The preselected option is to make the article part of the Read-and-Publish agreement. To publish immediate Open Access under a CC-BY license at no cost to the author, keep this selection and click Continue to License to Publish Form at the bottom of the screen.

We recommend that the author always take advantage of the deal, but we do allow other options.
The author may choose to be invoiced directly for the same immediate Open Access CC-BY publication or to make the article open after 6 months under a CC-BY-NC-SA license, also invoiced directly.


The invoice will indicate that the Open Access fee has been paid for by the institution.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email  Description automatically generated
Figure 7. A zero balance Invoice indicating that the fee has been paid by the institution.

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