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Juan José Pérez-Moreno, Rebecca C. Smith, Megan K. Oliva, Filomena Gallo, Shainy Ojha, Karin H. Müller, Cahir J. O’Kane
Neuronal endoplasmic reticulum (ER) appears continuous throughout the cell. Its shape and continuity are influenced by ER-shaping proteins, mutations in which can cause distal axon degeneration in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP). We therefore asked how loss of Rtnl1, a Drosophila ortholog of the human HSP gene RTN2 ...
Kirsten E.L. Garner, Anna Salter, Clinton K. Lau, Manickam Gurusaran, Cécile M. Villemant, Elizabeth P. Granger, Gavin McNee, Philip G. Woodman, Owen R. Davies, Brian E. Burke, Victoria J. Allan
Dynein-driven chromosome movement facilitates chromosome synapsis in prophase I of meiosis, which is essential for genetic exchange and completion of meiosis. Dynein-1 is recruited by KASH5 in the outer nuclear envelope. The authors show that KASH5 is an activating dynein adaptor and characterize the KASH5–dynein interaction.
Mengneng Xiong, Lisha Yin, Yiqian Gui, Chunyu Lv, Xixiang Ma, Shuangshuang Guo, Yanqing Wu, Shenglei Feng, Xv Fan, Shumin Zhou, Lingjuan Wang, Yujiao Wen, Xiaoli Wang, Qingzhen Xie, Satoshi H. Namekawa, Shuiqiao Yuan
Pachytene piRNA biogenesis is a hallmark of the germline, distinct from another wave of pre-pachytene piRNA biogenesis with regard to the lack of a secondary amplification process known as the Ping-pong cycle. However, the underlying molecular mechanism and the venue for the suppression of the Ping-pong cycle remain ...
Yael Udi, Wenzhu Zhang, Milana E. Stein, Inna Ricardo-Lax, Hilda A. Pasolli, Brian T. Chait, Michael P. Rout
Udi et al. present a new method for quantitative subcellular fractionation of a wide range of mammalian cells while maintaining nuclear integrity. This method provides a fast and reliable means to perform mass spectrometry and DeDuvian enrichment analyses for the different cellular compartments.
Conceição Pereira, Danièle Stalder, Georgina S.F. Anderson, Amber S. Shun-Shion, Jack Houghton, Robin Antrobus, Michael A. Chapman, Daniel J. Fazakerley, David C. Gershlick
Using kinetic trafficking assays, genetics, and secretomics, Pereira, Stalder et al. demonstrate the role of the exocyst complex in the secretory pathway. Exocyst subunits co-localize with post-Golgi carriers and their abrogation results in intracellular cargo accumulation in various cell types.
Darya Safavian, Moshe S. Kim, Hong Xie, Maha El-Zeiry, Oliva Palander, Lu Dai, Richard F. Collins, Carol Froese, Rachel Shannon, Koh-ichi Nagata, William S. Trimble
Safavian et al. show that septins and the associated RhoA GTP exchange factor ARHGEF18 regulate primary ciliogenesis by locally activating RhoA, leading to the activation of the exocyst complex and the subsequent recruitment of transition zone components.
Tomoaki Sobajima, Katarzyna M. Kowalczyk, Stefanos Skylakakis, Daniel Hayward, Luke J. Fulcher, Colette Neary, Caleb Batley, Samvid Kurlekar, Emile Roberts, Ulrike Gruneberg, Francis A. Barr
Chromosome alignment and segregation in mitosis are tightly regulated. This study shows that PP6 limits the activity of Aurora A toward the kinetochore protein NDC80. NDC80 phosphorylation by Aurora A is restricted to microtubule-attached, checkpoint-silenced kinetochores and is important for regulation of both spindle size and chromosome segregation.

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Volume 222,
Issue 3,
6 March 2023
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Lucia Morgado-Palacin
Yogesh Kulathu studies signaling mechanisms with a focus on ubiquitin and other post-translational modifications such as UFMylation.
Thomas G. McWilliams
Thomas McWilliams discusses work by Gok et al. which reveals that TMEM11 localizes to the outer mitochondrial membrane where it regulates BNIP3/BNIP3L-dependent receptor-mediated mitophagy.
Latifa Bakiri
Bakiri previews work from the Weiss lab identifying a new, unexpected role for MMP9/14 in supporting osteoclast function through a galectin-3/Lrp1 axis.

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