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Gaoyu Liu, Yingying Chen, Ying Wang, Xiaohui Deng, Qiang Xiao, Lijuan Zhang, Haixu Xu, Xu Han, Aihua Lei, Juan He, Xing Li, Yingjiao Cao, Pan Zhou, Chunhui He, Peiqiong Wu, Wenhui Jiang, Meizheng Tan, Chun Chen, Quan Yang, Liwei Lu, Kai Deng, Zhi Yao, Jie Zhou
Liu et al. demonstrate the regulation of ILC2 by Ang II–AT1 signaling during the allergen challenge. Bone marrow chimera, deletion or pharmacological inhibition of AT1a, and ILC2 transfer into NCG mice collectively indicate that targeting lung RAS alleviates airway inflammation.
Dimitra Kerdidani, Emmanouil Aerakis, Kleio-Maria Verrou, Ilias Angelidis, Katerina Douka, Maria-Anna Maniou, Petros Stamoulis, Katerina Goudevenou, Alejandro Prados, Christos Tzaferis, Vasileios Ntafis, Ioannis Vamvakaris, Evangelos Kaniaris, Konstantinos Vachlas, Evangelos Sepsas, Anastasios Koutsopoulos, Konstantinos Potaris, Maria Tsoumakidou
Kerdidani et al. show that immunological hot spots in lung tumors are sustained by fibroblasts. Lung fibroblasts present MHCII cancer antigens locally and at the same time prevent CD4 T cells from apoptosis by activating the complement receptor C1qbp.
Ewelina Krzywinska, Michal Sobecki, Shunmugam Nagarajan, Julian Zacharjasz, Murtaza M. Tambuwala, Abigaelle Pelletier, Eoin Cummins, Dagmar Gotthardt, Joachim Fandrey, Yann M. Kerdiles, Carole Peyssonnaux, Cormac T. Taylor, Veronika Sexl, Christian Stockmann
Krzywinska et al. have studied the impact of the transcription factor HIF-1α on the phenotype of intestinal NKp46+ innate lymphoid cells and how it affects gut homeostasis.
Brief Definitive Report
Xin Liu, Yongshan Zhao, Hai Qi
T-independent antigens are known to induce transient germinal center formation. Liu et al. show that these germinal centers output memory B cells and plasma cells and condition their persistence.
Elza Evren, Emma Ringqvist, Jean-Marc Doisne, Anna Thaller, Natalie Sleiers, Richard A. Flavell, James P. Di Santo, Tim Willinger
Evren et al. identify CD116+ fetal liver cells as precursors of human alveolar macrophages in early life and determine the impact of cell origin on lung macrophage identity and function in the human context with a unique in vivo model.
Bin Zhang, Yuan Zhang, Lei Xiong, Yuzhe Li, Yunliang Zhang, Jiuliang Zhao, Hui Jiang, Can Li, Yunqi Liu, Xindong Liu, Haofei Liu, Yi-Fang Ping, Qiangfeng Cliff Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Xiu-Wu Bian, Yan Zhao, Xiaoyu Hu
Zhang et al. analyzed human monocytes in acute and chronic inflammatory disease conditions with multiomics approaches and identified a subset of CD127+ hypoinflammatory monocytes within the inflammatory environment, uncovering functional heterogeneity of human inflammatory monocytes imprinted by CD127.
Elizabeth J. Fay, Keir M. Balla, Shanley N. Roach, Frances K. Shepherd, Dira S. Putri, Talia D. Wiggen, Stephen A. Goldstein, Mark J. Pierson, Martin T. Ferris, Claire E. Thefaine, Andrew Tucker, Mark Salnikov, Valerie Cortez, Susan R. Compton, Sergei V. Kotenko, Ryan C. Hunter, David Masopust, Nels C. Elde, Ryan A. Langlois
Viruses are diverse and ubiquitous, but many infection models do not recapitulate natural transmission and evolution. Here we bridge natural and experimental systems to study real-time transmission dynamics within and between hosts, identify novel viruses, and infer virus–pathogen relationships.

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Current Issue
Volume 219,
Issue 1,
January 3, 2022
Reviews & Opinions
Hannah Dada, Michael L. Dustin
Shakiba et al. show that TCR signal strength determines T cell differentiation and function in tumors.
Ilka Wahl, Hedda Wardemann
Antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite protein (PfCSP) can protect from malaria. However, the efficacy of anti-PfCSP vaccine responses is limited. This review summarizes our molecular and cellular understanding of humoral anti-PfCSP immune responses and discusses implications for vaccine design.
Christin Herrmann, Ken Cadwell
Fay et al. investigate viral infection dynamics by cohousing dirty pet store mice and rats with clean laboratory mice.

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