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Nicholas Hanuscheck, Carine Thalman, Micaela Domingues, Samantha Schmaul, Muthuraman Muthuraman, Florian Hetsch, Manuela Ecker, Heiko Endle, Mohammadsaleh Oshaghi, Gianvito Martino, Tanja Kuhlmann, Katarzyna Bozek, Tim van Beers, Stefan Bittner, Jakob von Engelhardt, Johannes Vogt, Christina Francisca Vogelaar, Frauke Zipp
Neuroimmune interaction influences essential CNS processes. Hanuscheck et al. report on the expression of interleukin-4 receptor alpha at presynaptic terminals in mouse and the human brain. The modulation of neuronal IL-4R signaling alters the neuronal transcriptome, impacts synaptic transmission, and causes anxiety-related behavior.
Brief Definitive Report
Rie Hasebe, Kaoru Murakami, Masaya Harada, Nada Halaka, Hiroshi Nakagawa, Fuminori Kawano, Yoshinobu Ohira, Tadafumi Kawamoto, Fiona E. Yull, Timothy S. Blackwell, Junko Nio-Kobayashi, Toshihiko Iwanaga, Masahiko Watanabe, Nobuhiro Watanabe, Harumi Hotta, Toshihide Yamashita, Daisuke Kamimura, Yuki Tanaka, Masaaki Murakami
Local inflammation spreads to remote positions via sensory neuron–interneuron crosstalk using ATP. This neural pathway, or remote inflammation gateway reflex, may be a therapeutic target for inflammatory diseases with remote inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis.
Yikun Yao, Ping Du Jiang et al.
Yao et al. describe GIMAP6 deficiency in humans and mice showing immune dysfunction and susceptibility to bacterial infections. They find impaired autophagy in GIMAP6-deficient immune cells and define a functional complex composed of GIMAP6, GIMAP7, and GABARAPL2.
Jihye Han, Qingqing Wan, Goo-Young Seo, Kenneth Kim, Sarah el Baghdady, Jee H. Lee, Mitchell Kronenberg, Yun-Cai Liu
Hypoxia in club cells in the lung epithelium induces increased ILC2 responses, leading to enhanced inflammation and immunity. The mechanism, revealed by VHL deletion, is increased HIF2α driving the secretion of adrenomedullin, which activates ILC2.
Renuka Raman, Jacques A. Villefranc, Timothy M. Ullmann, Jessica Thiesmeyer, Viviana Anelli, Jun Yao, James R. Hurley, Chantal Pauli, Rohan Bareja, Kenneth Wha Eng, Princesca Dorsaint, David C. Wilkes, Shaham Beg, Sarah Kudman, Reid Shaw, Michael Churchill, Adnan Ahmed, Laurel Keefer, Ian Misner, Donna Nichol, Naveen Gumpeni, Theresa Scognamiglio, Mark A. Rubin, Carla Grandori, James Patrick Solomon, Wei Song, Juan Miguel Mosquera, Noah Dephoure, Andrea Sboner, Olivier Elemento, Yariv Houvras
Genetic alterations in RET lead to activation of ERK and AKT signaling and are associated with hereditary and sporadic thyroid cancer and lung cancer. Highly selective RET inhibitors have recently entered clinical use after demonstrating efficacy in treating patients with diverse tumor types harboring RET gene ...
Masahiko Nishitani-Isa, Kojiro Mukai, Yoshitaka Honda, Hiroshi Nihira, Takayuki Tanaka, Hirofumi Shibata, Kumi Kodama, Eitaro Hiejima, Kazushi Izawa, Yuri Kawasaki, Mitsujiro Osawa, Yu Katata, Sachiko Onodera, Tatsuya Watanabe, Takashi Uchida, Shigeo Kure, Junko Takita, Osamu Ohara, Megumu K. Saito, Ryuta Nishikomori, Tomohiko Taguchi, Yoji Sasahara, Takahiro Yasumi
Using induced pluripotent stem cells carrying CDC42R186C, trapping of CDC42 C-terminal variants within the Golgi apparatus is shown to trigger autoinflammation by promoting pyrin inflammasome assembly through a mechanism independent of their GTPase activity.
Zhi Li, Zewen K. Tuong, Isaac Dean, Claire Willis, Fabrina Gaspal, Rémi Fiancette, Suaad Idris, Bethany Kennedy, John R. Ferdinand, Ana Peñalver, Mia Cabantous, Syed Murtuza Baker, Jeremy W. Fry, Gianluca Carlesso, Scott A. Hammond, Simon J. Dovedi, Matthew R. Hepworth, Menna R. Clatworthy, David R. Withers
How intratumoral T cell subsets differ in their recruitment or retention is unclear. In this study, photoconversion is used to temporally label tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, revealing the continuous migration of TCF-1+ T cells between the tumor and draining lymphoid tissue.

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Current Issue
Volume 219,
Issue 5,
2 May 2022
Reviews & Opinions
Mandy J. McGeachy
IL-17 promotes collagen deposition by cancer-associated fibroblasts and enhances immune exclusion of tumors.
Found in Translation
Véronique Dartois, Thomas Dick
Véronique Dartois and Thomas Dick discuss the evolution of drug discovery for the treatment of nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease (NTM-PD).
Review | Innate Immunity Focus
Renee Wu, Kenneth M. Murphy
This review traces the separate discoveries of dendritic cells, cross-priming, and help for cytotoxic T cell responses. The authors document the gradual convergence of these discoveries into the current models of cell-mediated immunity, spotlighting unanswered questions and future directions.

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