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Newest Articles
Morag K. Mansley, Christian Niklas, Regina Nacken, Kathrin Mandery, Hartmut Glaeser, Martin F. Fromm, Christoph Korbmacher, Marko Bertog
In murine cortical collecting duct cells, prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) stimulates transepithelial sodium transport mediated by the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC). PGE2 is synthesized and secreted by the cells and acts on basolateral prostaglandin E receptor type 4 (EP4).
Tibor G. Szanto, Florina Zakany, Ferenc Papp, Zoltan Varga, Carol J. Deutsch, Gyorgy Panyi
Szanto et al. propose a new gating scheme to explain how the Shaker family of voltage-gated potassium channels are inactivated at negative membrane potentials and how these channels recover from this state.
Kotaro Oyama, Kotaro Oyama, Mizuho Gotoh, Yuji Hosaka, Tomoko G. Oyama, Aya Kubonoya, Yuma Suzuki, Tomomi Arai, Seiichi Tsukamoto, Yuki Kawamura, Hideki Itoh, Seine A. Shintani, Toshiko Yamazawa, Mitsumasa Taguchi, Shin’ichi Ishiwata, Norio Fukuda
Living cells convert the hydrolytic energy of ATP to heat during various biochemical reactions. Oyama et al. show that thermogenesis increases temperature on the order of 1°C only proximal to the heat source, but not on a global basis in either non-excitable or excitable cells.
Brenda Farrell, Benjamin L. Skidmore, Vivek Rajasekharan, William E. Brownell
By comparing the measured displacement charge with a voltage-sensing model, Farrell et al. identify two hyperpolarized states and two reaction pathways in OHCs, suggesting that multiple pathways may allow these cells to amplify acoustic vibrations throughout the audible frequency range of mammals.
Johan E. Larsson, Urban Karlsson, Xiongyu Wu, Sara I. Liin
The anticonvulsant retigabine targets the neuronal M-channel but has adverse clinical effects due to its poor KV7 subtype specificity. Larsson et al. reveal that the selectivity of retigabine is improved by coapplication with the endocannabinoid arachidonoyl-L-serine.
Timothy J. Wilding, James E. Huettner
AMPA and NMDA receptors underlie several neuropathologies, but the detailed gating mechanism of these channels remains incompletely understood. Wilding and Huettner show that exposure to Cd opens AMPA and NMDA receptors with cysteine substitutions near the inner helix bundle-crossing gate.
Antonio Suma, Daniele Granata, Andrew S. Thomson, Vincenzo Carnevale, Vincenzo Carnevale, Brad S. Rothberg, Brad S. Rothberg
Polyamines regulate K+ efflux from cells by binding to K channels in a voltage-dependent manner. Suma et al. analyze how two polyamines, spermidine and spermine, bind and block the prokaryotic K channel MthK.

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Current Issue
Volume 152,
Issue 5,
May 4, 2020
Reviews & Opinions
Crina M. Nimigean
Polyamines can modulate membrane excitability by blocking ion flux through ion channels. Suma et al. determined the location of the binding site for polyamines inside a model potassium channel pore.
Research News
Ben Short
Study suggests that the fragile X syndrome-associated protein FMRP can interact with different types of BK channels and modulate their kinetics in different ways.
Merritt C. Maduke, Brad S. Rothberg
The June issue of JPG is a collection of peer-reviewed articles contributed by participants of the very special Society of General Physiologists (SGP) 73rd Annual Symposium, hosted jointly with the Society of Latin American Biophysicists (SOBLA).

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