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Megumi Yamashita, Christopher E. Ing, Priscilla See-Wai Yeung, Mohammad M. Maneshi, Régis Pomès, Murali Prakriya
CRAC channels contain a cluster of positively charged residues in the inner pore whose function is not understood. Here, we show that these positive charges promote pore opening by enhancing hydration of the hydrophobic gate located at the outer end of the pore.
Elisa Carrillo, Sana A. Shaikh, Vladimir Berka, Ryan J. Durham, Douglas B. Litwin, Garam Lee, David M. MacLean, Linda M. Nowak, Vasanthi Jayaraman
Using single-channel recordings and single-molecule FRET, Carrillo et al. show that resensitization of α-amino-5-methyl-3-hydroxy-4-isoxazole propionate receptors by the regulatory protein γ8 is characterized by transitions to high conductance levels associated with tighter conformational coupling similar to those seen in the presence of cyclothiazide.
Eva-Maria Zangerl-Plessl, Sun-Joo Lee, Grigory Maksaev, Harald Bernsteiner, Feifei Ren, Peng Yuan, Anna Stary-Weinzinger, Colin G. Nichols
This paper presents the crystal structure of a forced open inward rectifier Kir2.2 channel. Molecular dynamics reveals the details of ion permeation through the open channel.
Weikang Ma, Kyoung Hwan Lee, Shixin Yang, Thomas C. Irving, Roger Craig
Ma et al. studied the 3-D arrangement of thick filaments in skeletal muscle by x-ray diffraction and electron microscopy and found a correlation between thick filament lattice type (simple or superlattice) and fiber type (fast/slow). This suggests that lattice organization contributes to muscle functional properties.
Joseph Santos-Sacchi, Kuni H. Iwasa, Winston Tan
Cochlear amplification is mediated by the outer hair cell of the organ of Corti. Santos-Sacchi et al. reveal that the cell possesses a voltage-dependent motile frequency response that differs from that of its voltage sensor/effector, the electromotile protein prestin, implying variable coupling between the two.
Dominique C. Stephens, Nicole Osunsanmi, Kem A. Sochacki, Tyrel W. Powell, Justin W. Taraska, Dinari A. Harris
This paper describes the dynamics of proteins and lipids during exocytosis of MMP-9 from cancer cells in real time using fluorescence microscopy. Stephens et al. find that core exocytic proteins, accessory proteins, and lipids are involved at sites of secretory vesicle fusion.
Vedrana Mikušević, Marina Schrecker, Natalie Kolesova, Miyer Patiño-Ruiz, Klaus Fendler, Inga Hänelt
KtrAB is a bacterial ion channel with a noncanonical selectivity filter. Consequently, it was assumed to be rather unselective for monovalent cations. Mikušević et al. show that in the presence of Na+, KtrAB very selectively translocates K+, which results from a high binding affinity and facilitated K+ gating.

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