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Jingya Xu et al.
Xu et al. define Baf60c in skeletal myofibers as a critical regulator of muscle regeneration through Dkk3-mediated paracrine signaling on muscle stem cells. They also uncover that Baf60c interacts with transcription factor Six4 to synergistically suppress Dkk3 expression in myocytes.
Kunihiko Moriya et al.
This report establishes a novel form of IEI due to DN RELA mutations as a cause of chronic mucocutaneous ulcerations with autoinflammatory and/or autoimmune manifestations. This also expands the clinical spectrum of human RELA-associated diseases.
Tae Sung Kim et al.
Neutrophil extracellular traps and extracellular histones potentiate Th17 inflammation and bone destruction in animal models of periodontitis. Findings in patients with periodontitis provide human relevance and support further exploration of NET-mediated pathology in human disease.
Hannah A. Pizzato et al.
Steady-state and emergency myelopoiesis require different rates of mature cell production to maintain or restore homeostasis. This study demonstrates that mitochondrial pyruvate is specifically required for steady-state but not emergency myelopoiesis. Reciprocally, glutaminolysis specifically promotes emergency but not steady-state myelopoiesis.
Ainsley Lockhart et al.
Lockhart et al. demonstrate that exposure to food protein drives an antigen-specific CD4+ T cell response characterized at steady state by accumulation at the intestinal epithelium and tissue-specialized transcriptional imprinting. This process is disrupted upon either allergic sensitization or tolerance.
Zachary C. Stensland et al.
The role of B cells in T1D remains poorly understood. We identified an activated B cell subset that is enriched in insulin reactivity and increased in the blood and pLN of T1D donors. This subset has capacity to secrete antibodies and potential to serve as APCs to T cells.
Sheri A.C. McDowell et al.
Obesity is associated with enhanced breast cancer mortality, yet the mechanisms underlying this relationship remain poorly understood. McDowell et al. provide insight into the role of obesity on myeloid-driven cancer metastasis by identifying how monocyte development is skewed to promote prometastatic neutrophil effector functions.
Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 220,
Issue 6,
5 June 2023
Reviews & Opinions
Stuart G. Tangye et al.
The fundamental importance of the role of human B cells in host defense against infectious diseases has been established by the discovery of inborn errors of immunity that disrupt B cell development, differentiation, or function. These findings have laid the groundwork for understanding mechanisms of disease and revealing pathways to improve humoral immunity and treat disease.
Review | Th2 responses
Imran Howell et al.
In this Review, we discuss the key features of type 2 inflammation in asthma, summarize the clinical trial evidence of monoclonal antibody asthma treatments, and explore future avenues for targeted asthma treatment.
Marcus Buggert
Stolley et al. discovered that the oral mucosa houses CD8+ CD103+ resident memory T cells, which are important for protecting against local viral infections in mice.

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