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Rory Williams
Director of Communications and Marketing

Ben Short
Senior Manager of Science Communications and Marketing

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Embargoed media alerts and PIO Tip Sheets

Sign up for a weekly preview of articles to be published in JCB, JEM, and JGP by contacting Rory Williams. Media alerts are for journalists only. RUP also posts PIO Tip Sheets in EurekAlert every Tuesday to notify authors’ institutions of articles that have been accepted for publication in RUP journals. You may also visit the RUP page on Newswise.

Latest Press Releases

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Recent media coverage


4/2/21 – Therapeutic resistance linked to softer tissue environment in breast cancer – Journal of Experimental Medicine
Fierce BiotechMedical Xpress, eCancer, The Medical NewsBioengineer, Sciencenewsnet, Infosurhoy, Scienmag
RUP Press Release - Article

4/2/21 – Targeting microRNAs could unmask hidden vulnerability in breast cancer stem cells – Journal of Cell Biology
La RepubblicaFierce Biotech, Clinical OMICsMedical Xpress, European BiotechnologyThe Medical News, ANSAAgenzia Nova, Insalute News, AGI, MSN, Sky Italia, Fanpage, Frontline Genomics, MeteowebAZO Life SciencesSciencenewsnet, Bioengineer, Scienmag, Infosurhoy
RUP Press Release - Article

3/10/21 – Targeting mechanosensitive protein could treat pulmonary fibrosis, study suggests – Journal of Experimental Medicine
Pulmonary Fibrosis NewsMedicalXpress, The Medical News, Bioengineer, Scienmag, Sciencenewsnet, Infosalus, Notimerica, Infobae
RUP Press Release - Article

3/2/21 – Potential drug for Alzheimer's disease prevention found safe and effective in animals – Journal of Experimental Medicine
The ConversationTechnology Networks, MedicalResearch.comDrug Target Review, Health Europa, Yahoo NewsMedicalXpress, 7NewsSky Italia, Noticias Ao MinutoThe Medical News, BioNews Central, Science DailyScitech Daily, Sciencenewsnet, Bioengineer, Scienmag, Infosurhoy, Galileu, Free Mail, Medical News Today,, Study Finds
RUP Press Release - Article

3/1/21 – Balanced T cell response key to avoiding COVID-19 symptoms, study suggests – Journal of Experimental Medicine
The Atlantic, Scientific AmericanTechnology Networks, Health Europa, The Medical NewsMedicalXpress, Contagion LiveDrug Target Review, Biospectrum, Bio-IT, La Voz Digital, InfosalusScienmagBioengineer, Sciencenewsnet, Redacción Médica, NIUS, Diario Sigla XXI, La Razon, The Straits Times, iSanidad, Galileu, Explica, The Times Hub
RUP Press Release - Article

1/14/21 – Researchers link cellular transport pathway to aggressive brain cancer – Journal of Cell Biology
Drug Target ReviewMedicalXpress, MedIndia, The Medical NewseCancerSciencenewsnet, Bioengineer, Scienmag, Infosurhoy
RUP Press Release - Article

1/12/21 – SARS-CoV-2 can infect neurons and damage brain tissue, study indicates – Journal of Experimental Medicine
NIH Director's Blog, The Scientist, MedscapeGEN News, Radio Canada, CosmosNew Atlas, Drug Target Review, The Medical NewsMedicalXpress, Galileu, Medical News Today, Pourquoi DocteurThe Hindu Business LineScienmagBioengineer, Sciencenewsnet, KT News Live, Scimex, La Gazette du Laboratoire, Newsgram, France Culture, MSN, PAP, Sharp Brains, Clinical OMICs
RUP Press Release - Article

Embargo policy

Rockefeller University Press (RUP) makes embargoed material available to eligible journalists and public information officers for research articles appearing in its three journals: Journal of Cell Biology, Journal of Experimental Medicine, and Journal of General Physiology. Eligible individuals must agree to follow the terms of the RUP embargo policy:

  • Stories or reports on research articles may not be published or placed in the public domain until 10:00 a.m. US Eastern Time on the day of publication. Precise embargo dates and times are clearly marked on all advance material.
  • Public information officers (PIOs) may not distribute embargoed materials in the public domain before the embargo date. However, embargoed materials may be distributed to the media by public information officers. Such releases must be clearly identified as embargoed and must include the embargo date and time. PIOs are responsible for taking all necessary steps to ensure that the embargo is honored by all third parties.
  • All material from RUP journals can be reused without permission for noncommercial purposes, but must be attributed to the appropriate journal and shared expressly under the same restrictions. See our Creative Commons policy for more information.
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