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Yuansong Wan, Momo Morikawa, Manatsu Morikawa, Suguru Iwata, Muhammad Imran Naseer, Adeel Gulzar Ahmed Chaudhary, Yosuke Tanaka, Nobutaka Hirokawa
Wan et al. reveals the fundamental mechanism of KIF4-regulated chloride homeostasis and neuronal morphology leading to the susceptibility of epilepsy through analyses of mice with mutant found in a patient. This research holds promise for a potential target for treatment.
Benjamin Gallusser, Giorgio Maltese, Giuseppe Di Caprio, Tegy John Vadakkan, Anwesha Sanyal, Elliott Somerville, Mihir Sahasrabudhe, Justin O’Connor, Martin Weigert, Tom Kirchhausen
Gallusser et al. present a new pipeline to train a convolutional neural network for rapid and efficient automated detection of intracellular structures of wide range in size and complexity imaged by volume electron microscopy.
Danilo Lopes, Alexandre L. Seabra, Bernardo Orr, Helder Maiato
Lopes et al. perform a pilot dissection of the cancer tubulin code in the NCI-60 cancer cell panel that identifies high α-tubulin acetylation as a biomarker of taxol response and unveils a mechanistic link between α-tubulin detyrosination and the suppression of MCAK activity in taxol-induced cytotoxicity.
Sha Sun, Xia Li, Malaiyalam Mariappan
Sun et al. show that proteins with marginally hydrophobic signal sequences pause at the Sec61 translocon on their way into the ER and require Sec63/BiP to overcome the pause and facilitate subsequent protein folding in the ER, which prevents protein aggregation during BiP deficiency.
Daniela Schloesser, Laura Lindenthal, Julia Sauer, Kyoung-Jin Chung, Triantafyllos Chavakis, Eva Griesser, Praveen Baskaran, Ulrike Maier-Habelsberger, Katrin Fundel-Clemens, Ines Schlotthauer, Carolin Kirsten Watson, Lee Kim Swee, Frederik Igney, John Edward Park, Markus S. Huber-Lang, Matthew-James Thomas, Karim Christian El Kasmi, Peter J. Murray
Progressive accrual of senescent cells in aging and chronic diseases is associated with detrimental effects in tissue homeostasis. We found that senescent fibroblasts and epithelia were not only refractory to macrophage-mediated engulfment and removal, but they also paralyzed the ability of macrophages to remove bystander ...
Jessica Laiman, Yen-Jung Hsu, Julie Loh, Wei-Chun Tang, Mei-Chun Chuang, Hui-Kang Liu, Wei-Shun Yang, Bi-Chang Chen, Lee-Ming Chuang, Yi-Cheng Chang, Ya-Wen Liu
Laiman et al. discover that GSK3α, but not GSK3β, phosphorylates dynamin-2 to unleash the Bin1 inhibition and promotes GLUT4 endocytosis in skeletal muscle. Importantly, pharmacological inhibition of GSK3α improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in diet-induced diabetic mice, highlighting GSK3α as a therapeutic target for metabolic disorders.
Clotilde Huet-Calderwood, Felix E. Rivera-Molina, Derek K. Toomre, David A. Calderwood
Combining live TIRF microscopy and fluorescently tagged fibronectin, the authors show that fibronectin secretion by fibroblasts occurs preferentially at leading edge protrusions stabilized by mature focal adhesions and that fibronectin deposition requires both intact microtubules and myosin II contractility.

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Volume 221,
Issue 12,
5 December 2022
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People & Ideas
Lucia Morgado-Palacin
Sachihiro Matsunaga studies the nuclear structure and chromatin dynamics of plants.
Kristin Eckel-Mahan
Kristin Eckel-Mahan previews work from Sánchez-Ramírez and Ung et al. that elucidates how NAD+ metabolism modulates the early stages of adipogenic differentiation whereas SIRT1’s effects are limited to terminal stages.
Rachel L. Babcock, Kevin Pruitt
Babcock and Pruitt preview work from Kang et al. describing how LLPS of Dishevelled promotes assembly of Wnt signalosome condensates while also disrupting the β-catenin destruction complex.

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