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Markus Mund, Aline Tschanz, Yu-Le Wu, Felix Frey, Johanna L. Mehl, Marko Kaksonen, Ori Avinoam, Ulrich S. Schwarz, Jonas Ries
Mund and Tschanz et al. reveal the three-dimensional shapes of clathrin coats during endocytosis, which partially preassemble and then bend progressively. They further introduce the novel Cooperative Curvature Model, which accurately describes the changes in shapes and dynamics during endocytic clathrin remodeling.
Brittany K. Miller, Guendalina Rossi, Sara Hudson, David Cully, Richard W. Baker, Patrick Brennwald
Miller et al. identify the tomosyn homolog Sro7 as an allosteric activator of the exocyst resulting in specific biochemical changes to the complex. The outcomes of exocyst activation by Sro7 are distinct and insulated from exocyst activation by Rho/Cdc42 GTPases.
Elin Larsson, Björn Morén, Kerrie-Ann McMahon, Robert G. Parton, Richard Lundmark
Larsson et al. demonstrate that the large GTPase dynamin 2 does not mediate fission of caveolae from the plasma membrane as previously thought. Instead, dynamin 2 associates with a subset of caveolae and functions to restrain caveolae to the plasma membrane via a GTPase-independent mechanism.
Alison C.E. Wirshing, Sofia Gonzalez Rodriguez, Bruce L. Goode
Competition at barbed ends between capping proteins and formins leads to the assembly of architecturally distinct cellular actin structures and the differential sorting of actin-binding proteins to each structure.
Qian Xue, Sophia R.S. Varady, Trinity Q Alaka’i Waddell, Mackenzie R. Roman, James Carrington, Minna Roh-Johnson
Xue et al. develop a system to visualize and compare focal adhesion formation and dynamics during single-cell migration in animal models versus cell culture systems. They reveal fundamental differences in the regulation of key focal adhesion proteins.
Helder Rocha, Patrícia A. Simões, Jacqueline Budrewicz, Pablo Lara-Gonzalez, Ana Xavier Carvalho, Julien Dumont, Arshad Desai, Reto Gassmann
Rocha et al. show that C. elegans protein phosphatase 4 ensures robust outer kinetochore assembly prior to nuclear envelope breakdown, which is critical for timely and proper engagement of mitotic chromosomes with spindle microtubules.
Linnea C. Wethekam, Jeffrey K. Moore
Wethekam and Moore investigate how cells balance levels of α- and β-tubulin to supply αβ-heterodimers. They found that cells produce higher levels of α-tubulin than β-tubulin and require this excess to limit β-tubulin accumulation. β-tubulin accumulation causes microtubule loss and formation of dead-end tubulin assemblies.

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Volume 222,
Issue 2,
6 February 2023
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In Memoriam
Gregg Wildenberg, Deborah J. Mariner, Panos Z. Anastasiadis, Micheal A. Davis, Renee Ireton, Huapeng Yu, Andrew L. Smith, Sarah Kurley, Juliet M. Daniel, Agnes Roczniak-Ferguson, Xiaobo Xia, Meredith Brown, Manish Tripathi, Molly Seale, Robert Carnahan, Whitney Smalley-Freed, Michael Dohn
This expansive work in Al’s career, however, was only part of the reason he earned the rightful title of “father of p120.” The other, often overlooked in science, was because of his generosity. We fondly remember occasions when we, as young graduate students prone to paranoia about being “scooped,” would be advised by Al ...
People & Ideas
Lucia Morgado-Palacin
Chii Jou Chan investigates how tissue mechanics and fluid pressure regulate mammalian development, with a special focus on folliculogenesis and oocyte quality control.
Catherine G. Galbraith
Catherine Galbraith previews a Tools study from Gallusser and colleagues which describes a new pipeline for training a convolutional neural aimed at rapid automated detection of intracellular structures in volume electron microscopy images.

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