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Mukherjee et al. show that α-catenin undergoes retrograde flow with F-actin from the cell edge, leading to its association with vinculin in integrin adhesions. This interaction regulates extracellular matrix mechanosensing, and in its absence, mesenchymal cells gain the ability to grow on soft matrices.

Membrane contact sites allow organelles to communicate with each other. Bisinski et al. show that Cvm1 is a novel component of three different contacts involving the yeast lysosome-like vacuole. These contacts both control and are regulated by the levels of sphingolipids in the cell.

Previous studies of chemotaxis have focused on protrusions and in vitro models. Georgantzoglou et al. show that protrusive structures in neutrophils only drive a first exploratory stage in vivo, while a second stage of actin flows and contractility is required for the ultimate motion response.

Abad and Gupta et al. reveal the molecular basis for the interaction between the CPC and Sgo1, two essential regulators of chromosome segregation. Their work provides a rationale for the kinetochore–proximal centromere recruitment of the CPC and highlights its requirement for high-fidelity chromosome segregation.

Michaud et al. identify Ect2 and RGA-3/4 as core components of the cortical excitability circuit associated with cytokinesis. Additionally, they demonstrate that the immature Xenopus oocyte is a powerful model for characterizing excitable dynamics.


Zuidema et al. demonstrate that Tyr-635 phosphorylation of PEAK1 regulates cell migration through association with Tensin3 and localization of PEAK1 in focal adhesions.

A new conditional knockout cell line for coronins clarifies important functional details about its role in regulating ADF/cofilin function.

People & Ideas

Sara Cuylen-Haering studies the molecular mechanisms driving phase separation of chromosomes and other cellular organelles, with a special focus on biological surfactants.

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