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    Morphological changes after treatment with IgM anti-Fas mAb. To investigate the function of aberrant Fas that lacked whole death-signaling domain, we constructed the retroviral vector LdelSN containing the truncated Fas cDNA and transferred it into Jurkat cells. The top panels indicate the natural form of the retroviral vector LXSN-transduced Jurkat cell clone (left) and the LdelSN-transduced Jurkat cell clone (right). After a 16-h culture with the mAb, the characteristic features of apoptosis, including reduction of cell size, condensation and aggregation of nuclear chromatin, and nuclear fractionation, were observed in the LXSN-transduced Jurkat cell clone (bottom left); no morphological change was observed in the LdelSN-transduced Jurkat cell clone (bottom right). See related article in this issue by Maeda et al., pp. 1063–1071.

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