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    The systemic dimorphic fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis inhabits soil as a saprophytic mold. Upon inhalation of spores into the lung alveolus, the fungus undergoes a morphogenetic switch to its pathogenic yeast form. Yeast form cells of B. dermatitidis ATCC strain 26199 are shown under phase microscopy (×1,000), illustrating the distinctive features of a thick, refractile cell wall and unipolar budding of daughter cells from parent cells at a broad base. Targeted gene disruption of WI-1, a surface protein that coats the yeast, demonstrates that it is essential for tissue adherence and pathogenicity of B. dermatitidis. Photograph by Marcel Wüthrich. See related article in this issue by Brandhorst et al., pp. 1207–1216.

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