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ISSN 0022-1007
EISSN 1540-9538
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Cancer mutations create neoantigens that are of great interest for immunotherapy, but their accurate identification remains a challenge. Capietto et al. show that mutation position is an important determinant for immunogenicity, and incorporating this feature into prediction algorithms improves their identification.

Transcription factor RBP-J in intestinal macrophages dynamically controls antibacterial immunity by interfacing with T cells and ILCs. Macrophage-intrinsic RBP-J supports intestinal Th17 cell responses via IL-6 production, whereas RBP-J deficiency unexpectedly reveals a compensatory role for ILC3 late during infection.

This study shows that the cAMP/Epac1 pathway plays a critical role in retinal neurodegeneration via CaMKII activation in mouse models of ocular hypertension and suggests that Epac1 is a therapeutic target for neuroprotection in glaucoma.

Etzerodt et al. identify a unique subset of CD163+ Tim4+ tissue-resident macrophages in omentum that are maintained independently of bone marrow–derived monocytes and have a specific role in the metastatic spread of ovarian cancer cells.

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