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2020: The Year in Experimental Medicine

In addition to host-pathogen interaction, this collection also includes new inroads in cancer immunology and immunotherapy, Alzheimer’s disease and aging-associated cognitive decline, adaptive immunity, normal and malignant hematopoiesis.

We are proud to present our annual Best of JEM series, featuring articles that were of great interest to our readers. In a year defined by the COVID-19 crisis, the cover of our collection is a tribute to the scientific community collectively confronting SARS-CoV-2 and searching for solutions, even as labs navigated myriad safety precautions and campus closures. Indeed, JEM editorial and staff members have been working remotely in line with worldwide efforts to contain the spread of the virus, as have many of our reviewers who have helped to ensure that publication of vital research continues. Articles related to COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 have been and will always be immediately free to read, as they continue to contribute to our understanding of one of the greatest international health crises we have ever faced.

The top ten papers were selected by the editorial team based, in part, on the number of requests for PDF and full-text HTML versions of an article in the first three months after publication. We hope you will enjoy this collection and encourage your feedback on Twitter at @JExpMed or email us at Sign up for special collections and announcements here.

Image by Neil Smith,

Special Collection Image
Shruti Mishra; Wei Liao; Yong Liu; Ming Yang; Chaoyu Ma; Haijing Wu; Ming Zhao; Xin Zhang; Yuanzheng Qiu; Qianjin Lu; Nu Zhang
Benjamin Israelow; Eric Song; Tianyang Mao; Peiwen Lu; Amit Meir; Feimei Liu; Mia Madel Alfajaro; Jin Wei; Huiping Dong; Robert J. Homer; Aaron Ring; Craig B. Wilen; Akiko Iwasaki
Nicolas R. Barthélemy; Kanta Horie; Chihiro Sato; Randall J. Bateman
Fabian Schmidt; Yiska Weisblum; Frauke Muecksch; Hans-Heinrich Hoffmann; Eleftherios Michailidis; Julio C.C. Lorenzi; Pilar Mendoza; Magdalena Rutkowska; Eva Bednarski; Christian Gaebler; Marianna Agudelo; Alice Cho; Zijun Wang; Anna Gazumyan; Melissa Cipolla; Marina Caskey; Davide F. Robbiani; Michel C. Nussenzweig; Charles M. Rice; Theodora Hatziioannou; Paul D. Bieniasz
Antony B. Holmes; Clarissa Corinaldesi; Qiong Shen; Rahul Kumar; Nicolo Compagno; Zhong Wang; Mor Nitzan; Eli Grunstein; Laura Pasqualucci; Riccardo Dalla-Favera; Katia Basso
Jun Siong Low; Yagmur Farsakoglu; Maria Carolina Amezcua Vesely; Esen Sefik; Joseph B. Kelly; Christian C.D. Harman; Ruaidhri Jackson; Justin A. Shyer; Xiaodong Jiang; Linda S. Cauley; Richard A. Flavell; Susan M. Kaech
Teresa Manzo; Boone M. Prentice; Kristin G. Anderson; Ayush Raman; Aislyn Schalck; Gabriela S. Codreanu; Carina B. Nava Lauson; Silvia Tiberti; Andrea Raimondi; Marissa A. Jones; Michelle Reyzer; Breanna M. Bates; Jeffrey M. Spraggins; Nathan H. Patterson; John A. McLean; Kunal Rai; Carlo Tacchetti; Sara Tucci; Jennifer A. Wargo; Simona Rodighiero; Karen Clise-Dwyer; Stacy D. Sherrod; Michael Kim; Nicholas E. Navin; Richard M. Caprioli; Philip D. Greenberg; Giulio Draetta; Luigi Nezi
Betsy J. Barnes; Jose M. Adrover; Amelia Baxter-Stoltzfus; Alain Borczuk; Jonathan Cools-Lartigue; James M. Crawford; Juliane Daßler-Plenker; Philippe Guerci; Caroline Huynh; Jason S. Knight; Massimo Loda; Mark R. Looney; Florencia McAllister; Roni Rayes; Stephane Renaud; Simon Rousseau; Steven Salvatore; Robert E. Schwartz; Jonathan D. Spicer; Christian C. Yost; Andrew Weber; Yu Zuo; Mikala Egeblad
Yaoyao Shi; Wenxin Zheng; Kaiting Yang; Katharine G. Harris; Kaiyuan Ni; Lai Xue; Wenbin Lin; Eugene B. Chang; Ralph R. Weichselbaum; Yang-Xin Fu
Ivan Ting Hin Fung; Poornima Sankar; Yuanyue Zhang; Lisa S. Robison; Xiuli Zhao; Shanti S. D’Souza; Abigail E. Salinero; Yue Wang; Jiang Qian; Marcy L. Kuentzel; Sridar V. Chittur; Sally Temple; Kristen L. Zuloaga; Qi Yang
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