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    TGF-beta is localized within the mitochondria of normal T cells, and the absence of TGFbeta1 in TGF-beta1 null T cells results in disruption of mitochondrial membrane integrity and supersensitivity to cell death. Top left panel shows immunogold labeling for TGF-beta in normal mouse spleen T cells using goat anti-LAP (TGF-beta1) followed by a rabbit anti-goat conjugated to a 10-nm gold particle. Gold grains are localized predominantly over mitochondria. Bottom right panel shows abnormal mitochondria in TGF-beta1 null T cells. Ultrastructural examination of mitochondrial structure by transmission electron microscope reveals aberrancies including increased electron density, and dilated and lost cristae as early as gestation day 18 in fetal thymocytes. See related article in this issue by Chen et al., pp.439-453.
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