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In Focus

Study identifies a dynamic cytoskeletal network that delivers actin to presynaptic boutons.

People & Ideas

van Deursen’s career visits both sides of the cancer–senescence coin.



TPX2 is phosphorylated by Aurora A and is essential for normal microtubule flux on the metaphase spindle.


Double-strand break repair in Caulobacter is a dynamic process that can take place independent of DNA replication; resegregation of origin-proximal chromosomal regions after repair requires the ParABS system, whereas resegregation of origin-distal regions occurs independently of ParA and likely without dedicated segregation machinery.

Low-light live imaging of F-actin–selective probes, quantitative tools, and super-resolution microscopy reveals a dynamic, formin-dependent deep F-actin cytoskeletal network in axons.

Live imaging of epidermal wound closure in Drosophila embryos reveals that assembly of motile F-actin at wound edges requires the endocytic remodeling of adherens junctions and is mediated by Diaphanous, SCAR, and WASp.

In Special Collection: JCB65: Autophagy

The transcription factor TFEB is activated in a Parkin- and Atg5-dependent manner during mitophagy, and MiT/TFE transcription factor family members are required for the efficient clearance of damaged mitochondria.

A quantitative in vitro assay based on isolated yeast microsomes reveals that SNARE-mediated membrane fusion is involved in atlastin-initiated homotypic ER fusion.

Lrrk regulates Golgi outpost (GOP) dynamics in dendrites by antagonizing the interaction between the golgin Lva and dynein heavy chain at GOPs, thereby disrupting minus end–directed transport along dendritic microtubules by dynein.

A coincidence detection mechanism regulates phagosomal sealing and couples it with phosphoinositide conversion from PtdIns(4,5)P2 enrichment on unsealed phagosomes to PtdIns3P enrichment on fully sealed phagosomes.

In Special Collection: JCB65: Cell Adhesion and Migration

Fibronectin adhesion stimulation of focal adhesion kinase (FAK)–Src–PI3K is an upstream regulatory branch of the Hippo pathway and stimulates the activity and nuclear localization of YAP in a Lats-dependent manner.



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