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In Focus

Protein necessary for fertility has distinct roles in sperm and eggs.

People & Ideas

von Blume studies the mechanisms of protein sorting in the Golgi.

From the Archive

In 1992, Gavrieli et al. described a new assay to detect cell death in vivo.




In endothelial cells, the RhoGTPase Rac1 stabilizes VE-cadherin trans-dimers in mature adherens junctions by counteracting actomyosin tension.


In Special Collection: JCB65: Nuclear and Chromatin Biology

Localization of specific chromatin domains to the nuclear lamina is mediated by YY1 and lamin A/C and is dependent on a specific histone modification profile.

Exhibiting sexually dimorphic roles in mice, BRWD1 is essential for proper meiotic chromosome condensation and telomere structure during oogenesis and for haploid-specific gene transcription during postmeiotic sperm differentiation.

As a component of the polarisome, Epo1p promotes cortical ER tethering at sites of polarized growth in budding yeast.

TCAF1 and TCAF2 bind to TRPM8 and promote its cell surface trafficking but differentially regulate its gating properties, leading to opposing effects on prostate cancer cell migration.

In Special Collection: JCB65: Mitochondria

Dynamic assembly and disassembly of F-actin on mitochondria participate in Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission.

The ITAM protein FcRγ acts via αvβ3 integrin to counteract the high bone mass phenotype in Dap12-deficient mice.

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