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    Cover picture: The stem cells of the Drosophila melanogaster central nervous system, so-called neuroblasts, divide asymmetrically and give rise to a smaller daughter cell, the ganglion mother cell, and another neuroblast that continues to divide in a stem cell-like fashion. Drosophila atypical protein kinase C (DaPKC, red) is essential for the correct spatial orientation of the mitotic spindle and for correct localization of cell fate determinants in neuroblasts. In addition, DaPKC is also required for epithelial polarity in the neuroectodermal epithelium. In pro- and metaphase, DaPKC forms apical cortical crescents that disappear in anaphase. DaPKC is also expressed in the apical cortex of epithelial cells. Cell outlines are stained with antineuroactin (blue) and DNA is stained with YoYo-1 (green). See related article in this issue by Wodarz et al., 1361-1374.
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