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In Focus

A mitotic kinase controls anaphase spindle length by regulating two kinesin motor proteins.

People & Ideas

Rosenblatt discovered epithelial cell extrusion and studies its regulation and impact.


The kinesin KIF4A is locally activated by the central spindle pool of Aurora B and thereby preferentially controls anaphase spindle length.

A gradient of Aurora B activity determines the distribution of the microtubule depolymerase Kif2A at the central spindle and specifies the subsequent spindle structure necessary for proper cytokinesis.

Disruption of the CLASP- and Dystroglycan-mediated cortical microtubule anchoring reduces epiblast–basement membrane interactions and initiates gastrulation.

The GEF Bcr promotes RhoA-dependent actin remodeling and MAL/SRF signaling in keratinocytes, which in turn promotes differentiation via regulation of desmoglein-1 expression.

Two Bruchpilot isoforms create a stereotypic arrangement of the cytomatrix that defines the size of the readily releasable pool of synaptic vesicles.

Dephosphorylation of Atg18 increases its phosphoinositide-binding activity, thereby enhancing its association with the vacuolar membrane and inducing changes in vacuolar structure.

hGAAP promotes cell adhesion and migration by increasing localized Ca2+-dependent activation of calpain, leading to increased focal adhesion dynamics.


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