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In Focus

The Rho GTPase promotes metastasis by regulating the expression of β1 integrin.

People & Ideas

Danuser studies cytoskeletal dynamics, membrane trafficking, and cell migration.



SUMOylation of the small GTPase ARL13 is required for the proper ciliary targeting of sensory receptors and corresponding sensory functions.


Isolation of the intact TOB complex reveals a 1:1:1 stoichiometry of Tob55, Tob38, and Tob37 with a 140-kD molecular mass, providing new insight into complex structure and function.

A novel motif in the Insert B domain of the mitochondrial dynamin Dnm1 is essential for interaction with its adaptor Mdv1 during mitochondrial fission.

The distinct morphological and dynamic properties of their respective filaments suggest that FtsZ1 facilitates Z-ring remodeling, whereas FtsZ2 forms the Z-ring backbone during chloroplast division.

Amphipathic helices in the A-kinase anchoring protein RSP3 bind to spoke proteins involved in the assembly and modulation of the flagellar radial spoke complex, expanding the repertoire of these versatile helical protein motifs.

Cdc42 induces β1 integrin expression at the transcriptional level via the transcription factor SRF to promote cancer cell interaction with endothelial cells.

Cytoskeletal polarization occurs in response to mechanosensing of a transition from soft to stiff matrix during migration and promotes dephosphorylation of myosin-IIA, rearward localization of myosin-IIB, and durotaxis.

PATJ indirectly promotes apical–basal polarity in epithelial cells by enhancing Myosin phosphorylation and thereby stabilizing adherens junctions.

Tail–tail interactions of desmoglein 2, promoted by its C-terminal unique region, inhibit its internalization, stabilizing it at the cell surface and promoting intercellular adhesion.

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