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ISSN 0022-1295
EISSN 1540-7748
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Research Articles

The active-site glutamate 14 residues of the homodimeric multidrug transporter EmrE have distinct macroscopic pKa values, raising new questions regarding the coupling of proton import to drug efflux.

Clinically important antiarrhythmic drugs may act by modifying primarily physical properties of the cell membrane.

Presynaptic GABAA receptors have a greater influence than previously known.

Cd2+ binding to the CLC channel dimer interface inhibits slow gating by altering subunit interactions.

When muscles become paralyzed in crises of hyperkalemic periodic paralysis, patients do not stop breathing. Here is why.

Mutations that increase the activity of ATP-sensitive potassium channels through either enhanced activation by MgADP or decreased sensitivity to inhibition by ATP can lead to Cantú syndrome.


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