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    Localization of antigen-specific T helper cells (Th) within the draining lymph nodes (DLNs) during an immune response in vivo. Cryosections were prepared from DLNs of B10.BR mice 7 d after immunization with pigeon cytochrome c in adjuvant. Sections were stained for three-color laser-scanning confocal microscopy with FITC–anti-Vα11 (green), allophycocyanin–anti-Vβ3 (red), and Texas red–anti-IgD (cyan). T cells coexpressing Vα11 and Vβ3 appear yellow. Vα11Vβ3-expressing Th accumulate in the germinal centers, identified here as an IgD region within the IgDbright B cell zone. See related article in this issue by McHeyzer-Williams et al., pp. 1823–1837.

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