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The Drosophila caspase Dcp-1 promotes autophagy by regulating mitochondrial morphology and cellular ATP levels.

People & Ideas

Cullen studies protein sorting in the endosomal network.


Quality control


DNA replication is asymmetrically regulated in the two-cell stage C. elegans embryo by the PAR-4 and PAR-1 polarity proteins, which function independently of known regulators of cell cycle timing to dampen DNA replication dynamics specifically in the posterior blastomere.


Nesprin-1 is a multi-functional processing body component and microtubule scaffold that is necessary for RNA granule dynamics.

A nonapoptotic function of the Dcp-1 caspase regulates mitochondrial morphology and promotes autophagy in Drosophila by negatively regulating SesB and ATP levels.

Ca2+-dependent RNA–protein interactions enable activity-inducible RNA transport in dendrites.

Assembly of the two heme b cofactors into the respiratory chain complex III subunit cytochrome b occurs in a step-by-step process that is monitored by assembly factors and regulates additional cytochrome b synthesis through a feedback loop.

Late endosomes locally regulate cell migration by transporting the p14–MP1 scaffold complex to the vicinity of focal adhesions.

The integrated activities of Aurora B and CENP-I generate a molecular switch that maintains a robust spindle checkpoint signal at prometaphase kinetochores until they attain mature attachments to microtubules.

The two different TOGL domains of the budding yeast CLASP Stu1 are responsible for its distinct mitotic activities, and these activities are only partially mediated by tight microtubule binding.

The RhoGAP protein SH3BP1 mediates Sema3E-induced cell collapse through interaction with PlexinD1 and regulation of Rac1 activity.


mCLING is a novel membrane probe for the study of membrane trafficking with demonstrated value in both live and fixed cells across a wide range of biological systems.

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