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In Focus

Bacteria use DNA segregation machinery to position polarity protein.

People & Ideas

Yamashita studies how germline stem cells orient their asymmetric cell divisions.



RNF111/Arkadia targets SUMOylated XPC for ubiquitylation, negatively regulating its association with damaged DNA


In yeast, the localization of homologous recombination–associated proteins to heterochromatic regions of the genome is necessary for proper nuclear organization.

ParA-dependent DNA segregation determines the cell cycle localization pattern of the pole-organizing protein PopZ by promoting its assembly into a matrix.

The budding yeast Wee1 kinase Swe1 restrains the metaphase-to-anaphase transition by preventing the Cdk1-dependent phosphorylation and activation of APCCdc20.

The GEF Tiam1 acts as a novel molecular link to the VE-cadherin–p67phox–Par3 polarity complex, leading to localized activation of Rac1 and NADPH oxidase in response to fluid flow.

Localized Hippo signaling at contact sites between border cells induces polarized F-actin polymerization that drives collective cell migration.

The combined action of dynamic microtubules and Rho signaling determines the level and asymmetric distribution of a mobile E-cadherin–Bazooka complex during the generation of a patterned epithelium.

Localized activation of netrin signaling induces focused F-actin formation and the protrusive force necessary for physical displacement of basement membrane during cell transmigration.

Liprin-α2 is required for the presynaptic recruitment and turnover of RIM1 and CASK, components of the release machinery, and facilitates synaptic output by regulating synaptic vesicle pool size.

IgSF9b forms a novel subsynaptic domain for adhesion that links to the gephyrin- and GABAA receptor–containing domain to promote inhibitory synaptic development.

Injury-induced BMP signaling in the midgut negatively regulates intestinal stem cell division, whereas regional constitutive BMP signaling promotes copper cell differentiation.

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