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Sequences within growing transmembrane proteins determine when loops reverse direction to cross the ER membrane.

People & Ideas

Chang studies how large groups of genes work together to carry out biological processes.


Host–pathogen interactions


Actin dynamics are required for proper cilia spacing, global coordination of cilia polarity, and coordination of metachronic cilia beating, whereas cytoplasmic microtubule dynamics are required for local coordination of polarity between neighboring cilia.


A nuclear pool of partially spliced Clk1/4 pre-mRNAs matures in response to stress and induces SR protein phosphorylation and activation.

Vastly different folded transmembrane segments of nascent multispanning membrane proteins each induce structural changes in the ribosome tunnel and translocon that target the loops of the growing polypeptide alternately into the cytosol or ER lumen.

Interaction between L17 in the ribosome tunnel and folded nascent chain transmembrane segments during multi-spanning membrane protein synthesis triggers structural rearrangements in the ribosome that cause switching between cytosolic and ER lumenal targeting of the growing polypeptide.

The Rab11 GTPase-binding protein FIP5 collaborates with the sorting nexin 18 to transport proteins to the apical surface and to tubulate membranes during epithelial apical lumen formation.

TPX2 promotes mitotic spindle formation by enhancing Eg5 accumulation on microtubules and limiting motor activity.

During mitosis, cortical Moesin activity is restricted to promote cell elongation and cytokinesis, but localized Moesin recruitment is necessary for polar bleb retraction and cortical relaxation.

FAK opposes Rho activity and vimentin intermediate filament formation to promote podosome rosette assembly.

The α4/α9 integrins directly engage the ECM glycoprotein EMILIN1 to inhibit skin cell proliferation upstream of TGF-β signaling.

Abcg2-expressing cells proliferate after muscle injury and are required for effective regeneration of multiple muscle cell lineages.

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