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In Focus

Researchers find that two microRNAs prime the brain to learn.

People & Ideas

Inoué’s innovations in polarized light microscopy allowed the first documentation of the mitotic spindle in living cells.


We are pleased to welcome several new JCB editorial board members.



Genome organizer Satb1 is regulated by p63 and contributes to epidermal morphogenesis by remodeling chromatin structure and gene expression at the epidermal differentiation complex locus.

MCPH1, a protein linked to primary microcephaly, directly modulates condensin II to regulate chromosome condensation and shape.

CENP-C provides a link between existing CENP-A chromatin and the proteins required for new CENP-A nucleosome assembly.

Activated Arf6 directs membrane recruitment of the clathrin adaptor AP-1B to maintain membrane polarization in epithelial cells.

Regulation of Arpc3 by miRNA alters dendritic spine morphology.

GRK5 couples actin cytoskeleton dynamics to membrane remodeling during neuronal morphogenesis independent of its kinase activity.

S6 kinase localizes to the active zone in a Brp-dependent manner and collaborates with presynaptic PDK1 to modulate neuronal cell size, bouton size, active zone number, and neurotransmitter release.

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