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In Focus

Photobleaching reveals that the backbone of muscle myofibrils is surprisingly mobile.

People & Ideas

McMahon studies how membranes are bent into shape during vesicle formation and fusion.

In Memoriam



HIV-1 infection of host cells leads to significant reorganization and redistribution of components of the nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complex.

The cilia-associated protein NPHP4 is a negative regulator of Hippo signaling that modulates cell proliferation in mammals.

Insulin releases an intracellular brake and promotes fusion pore expansion to translocate GLUT4 vesicles, and switches vesicle trafficking between distinct exocytic circuits.

Although closely related, RhoA and RhoC have distinct molecular targets and functional roles in cell migration and invasion.

Apoptotic epithelial cells signal to neighboring cells to induce dying cell extrusion by releasing sphingosine-1-phosphate.


An assembly process involving sequential recruitment of components and hierarchical dependency drives formation of the nuclear structures known as histone locus bodies.

Excessive cell growth in Drosophila intestinal stem cells lacking TSC blocks further cell division.

Centrobin recruitment to the centriole biogenesis site and its function during elongation and stabilization of centrioles depend on tubulin interaction.

Plk1-dependent modification of centrioles early in mitosis is necessary for accurate centriole duplication and segregation.

Daughter four-membered rootlet microtubules direct eyespot positioning and assembly.

The MAP kinase Slt2 is required for both mitophagy and pexophagy, whereas the MAP kinase Hog1 acts specifically in mitophagy.

The syndecan Sds2 and the innate immunity inhibitor Sarm1 function together and in distinct pathways to promote proper neuronal morphogenesis.

Contrary to prior models in which titin serves as a stable scaffold in sarcomeres, sarcomeric and soluble titin exchange dynamically in myofibers when calcium levels are low.

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