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An ER membrane protein helps load collagen into vesicles.

People & Ideas

Weaver investigates the mechanical properties of tumors and how changes in the tumor microenvironment influence cancer cell behavior.



A combination of several rate-limiting steps allows for efficient control of alternative splicing.

WASH coats mature lysosomes and is required for exocytosis of indigestible material.

Caveolin-1–mediated inhibition of endothelial nitric oxide synthase signaling is essential for adherens junction integrity and endothelial permeability homeostasis.


An RNA polymerase III–transcribed noncoding RNA promotes alternative splicing of KCNIP4, altering amyloid precursor protein processing and contributing to neurodegeneration.

Disturbed flow-mediated PKCζ–PIASy association is critical for p53 SUMOylation and induces p53 nuclear export and endothelial cell apoptosis.

De novo peroxisome formation in peroxisome-deficient yeast cells requires Rho1 and the Pex11 family protein Pex25.

The newly identified SYLF lipid-binding domain of SH3YL1 mediates phosphoinositide binding during dorsal membrane morphogenesis.

AKAP450 is a critical determinant of Golgi ribbon integrity, positioning, and function.

Mia3’s contribution to protein secretion is broader than previously realized—its absence impairs collagen deposition and normal development of cartilage and bone.

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