A panel of eight monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) was prepared from spleen cells of mice immunized with macronuclear replication bands (RBs) isolated from Euplotes eurystomus. Antibodies were investigated with a solid phase radioimmunoassay (RIA) using either soluble chromatin from isolated RBs or from total macronuclei as antigen. The RIA showed that several MAbs recognized antigens present only in the RB or macronucleus, whereas others recognized antigens present in both structures. Specificity of the MAbs was also examined by indirect immunofluorescence. Antibody C10 recognized an antigen in the rear zone of the RB, whereas MAbs G6 and B2 appeared to stain both the forward and rear zones of the RB. Antibody A7 recognized an epitope distributed throughout the macronucleus except in the RB. Cytochemical studies with degradative enzymes suggested that antigens localized by immunofluorescence were composed of proteins. Immunoblots of SDS PAGE permitted identification of a few proteins that reacted with three of the RB-specific MAbs. Monoclonal antibodies that identify the presence or absence of reactivity of specific proteins in the RB could prove useful in the study of chromatin structure and the mechanism of chromatin replication.

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