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Hariharan and Guan find that binding of either melibiose or Na+ to their transporter, MelB, may favor MelB open states, while cooperative binding may trigger dehydration and cavity closure, thus enforcing cotransport. Cooperative binding is the core mechanism for their cotransport.

Proks et al. show that the antidepressant norfluoxetine affects the behavior of TREK-2 two-pore domain K+ channels by regulating the equilibrium between their open and closed states as well as their filter gating.

Smith et al. use a novel technique for direct measurement of solute transport from cerebrospinal fluid to brain interstitial fluid. Contrary to previous suggestions, they find no evidence for a role of aquaporin-4 in this process of extracellular transport in the central nervous system.


Rook et al. assess how mutations in acid-sensing ion channel 1 (ASIC1) affect channel desensitization. They establish that, contrary to previous reports, a glutamine to glycine substitution does not abolish desensitization, but causes complex pH-dependent effects on channel desensitization.

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