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Neuroscience Collection 2021

This collection of recent neuroscience articles covers subjects from the role of ion channels in neuronal excitability and photoreceptor signal transmission to how poisonous animals prevent autointoxication. This selection has been curated to showcase the diversity of topics and the quality of research published in JGP.

In addition, we are pleased to present a special magazine that contains brief summaries of some of the research articles from this collection, insight from authors, and neuroscience research published in other Rockefeller University Press journals. Download the special collection PDF here.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection and we encourage you to submit your work to JGP. If you wish to receive alerts about future JGP collections, you can sign up here. Stay up to date by following JGP on twitter @JGenPhysiol and contact the editorial office with questions about submission or the suitability of your work for JGP.

Image © 2021 Fortenbach et al.

Special Collection Image
Fayal Abderemane-Ali; Nathan D. Rossen; Megan E. Kobiela; Robert A. Craig, II; Catherine E. Garrison; Zhou Chen; Claire M. Colleran; Lauren A. O’Connell; J. Du Bois; John P. Dumbacher; Daniel L. Minor, Jr.
Matthew L. Rook; Megan Miaro; Tyler Couch; Dana L. Kneisley; Maria Musgaard; David M. MacLean
Peter Proks; Marcus Schewe; Linus J. Conrad; Shanlin Rao; Kristin Rathje; Karin E.J. Rödström; Elisabeth P. Carpenter; Thomas Baukrowitz; Stephen J. Tucker
Kazuki Obashi; Justin W. Taraska; Shigeo Okabe
Pedro L. Martinez-Espinosa; Chengtao Yang; Xiao-Ming Xia; Christopher J. Lingle
Pedro L. Martinez-Espinosa; Alan Neely; Jiuping Ding; Christopher J. Lingle
Christopher Fortenbach; Gabriel Peinado Allina; Camilla M. Shores; Sarah J. Karlen; Eric B. Miller; Hannah Bishop; James S. Trimmer; Marie E. Burns; Edward N. Pugh, Jr.
Cassandra L. Hays; Asia L. Sladek; Wallace B. Thoreson
Martin Loynaz Prieto; Kamyar Firouzi; Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub; Daniel V. Madison; Merritt Maduke
Alessandro Porro; Anna Binda; Matteo Pisoni; Chiara Donadoni; Ilaria Rivolta; Andrea Saponaro
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