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Ion Channels Update 2022

This collection explores how various factors, including the lipid bilayer, hormones, mechanical signals, and molecular motors, influence the function of ion channels in a range of cell types and organisms, from cardiomyocytes to photoreceptors. The collection, assembled to coincide with the 75th Annual Symposium of the Society of General Physiologists, also features an article investigating how poisonous animals avoid self-intoxication, as well as computational and experimental studies of channel structure–function relationships.

We encourage researchers in this field to read more about our current call for papers on the subject of Ion Channels in Context. We hope you enjoy reading the collection and welcome your feedback on Twitter at @JGenPhysiol. To learn more about JGP and to submit your research, please visit our Instructions for Authors or contact the editorial office. Sign up to receive future special collections here.

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Image © 2021 Yang et al.

Special Collection Image
John Smith Del Rosario; Matthew Gabrielle; Yevgen Yudin; Tibor Rohacs
Jonathan R.M. Millet; Luis O. Romero; Jungsoo Lee; Briar Bell; Valeria Vásquez
Marina Angelini; Arash Pezhouman; Nicoletta Savalli; Marvin G. Chang; Federica Steccanella; Kyle Scranton; Guillaume Calmettes; Michela Ottolia; Antonios Pantazis; Hrayr S. Karagueuzian; James N. Weiss; Riccardo Olcese
Maryline Beurg; Jong-Hoon Nam; Robert Fettiplace
Ida Björkgren; Sarah Mendoza; Dong Hwa Chung; Monika Haoui; Natalie True Petersen; Polina V. Lishko
Jing Li; Rong Shen; Ahmed Rohaim; Ramon Mendoza Uriarte; Mikolai Fajer; Eduardo Perozo; Benoît Roux
Fayal Abderemane-Ali; Nathan D. Rossen; Megan E. Kobiela; Robert A. Craig, II; Catherine E. Garrison; Zhou Chen; Claire M. Colleran; Lauren A. O’Connell; J. Du Bois; John P. Dumbacher; Daniel L. Minor, Jr.
Nicolae Moise; Heather L. Struckman; Celine Dagher; Rengasayee Veeraraghavan; Seth H. Weinberg
Lei Yang; Yuanyuan Xu; Diego Gravotta; Gustavo Frindt; Alan M. Weinstein; Lawrence G. Palmer
Matthew L. Rook; Megan Miaro; Tyler Couch; Dana L. Kneisley; Maria Musgaard; David M. MacLean
Colline Sanchez; Christine Berthier; Yves Tourneur; Laloé Monteiro; Bruno Allard; Laszlo Csernoch; Vincent Jacquemond
Jennifer van der Horst; Salomé Rognant; Geoffrey W. Abbott; Lijo Cherian Ozhathil; Per Hägglund; Vincenzo Barrese; Christine Y. Chuang; Thomas Jespersen; Michael J. Davies; Iain A. Greenwood; Pontus Gourdon; Christian Aalkjær; Thomas A. Jepps
Christopher Fortenbach; Gabriel Peinado Allina; Camilla M. Shores; Sarah J. Karlen; Eric B. Miller; Hannah Bishop; James S. Trimmer; Marie E. Burns; Edward N. Pugh, Jr.
Shiva N. Kompella; Fabien Brette; Jules C. Hancox; Holly A. Shiels
Laura-Marie Winterstein; Kerri Kukovetz; Ulf-Peter Hansen; Indra Schroeder; James L. Van Etten; Anna Moroni; Gerhard Thiel; Oliver Rauh
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