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Neuroscience Collection 2022

This collection of recent neuroscience articles covers subjects ranging from the action of sea snail toxins on AMPA receptors to the role of gap junctions and connexin hemichannels in retinal pigment epithelium. It features studies that analyze mechanotransduction in cochlear outer hair cells, model the relationship between dendritic spine morphology and synaptic strength, and link Huntington's disease to altered T-tubule structure in skeletal muscle. It also highlights new methods to monitor solute uptake from the cerebrospinal fluid and study conformational changes in endogenous voltage-gated ion channels. The collection has been curated to showcase the diversity of topics and the quality of research published in JGP.

In addition, we are pleased to present a special magazine that contains brief summaries of some of the research articles from this collection, insight from authors, and neuroscience research published in other Rockefeller University Press journals. Download the special collection PDF here.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection and we encourage you to submit your work to JGP. If you wish to receive alerts about future JGP collections, you can sign up here. Stay up to date by following JGP on twitter @JGenPhysiol and contact the editorial office with questions about submission or the suitability of your work for JGP.

Image © 2021 Smith et al.

Special Collection Image
Miriam K. Bell; Maven V. Holst; Christopher T. Lee; Padmini Rangamani
Jelena Baranovic; Sebastian Braunbeck; Nikolai Zaki; Sonja Minniberger; Miriam Chebli; Andrew J.R. Plested
Julia Fadjukov; Sophia Wienbar; Satu Hakanen; Vesa Aho; Maija Vihinen-Ranta; Teemu O. Ihalainen; Gregory W. Schwartz; Soile Nymark
Gucan Dai
Parashar Thapa; Robert Stewart; Rebecka J. Sepela; Oscar Vivas; Laxmi K. Parajuli; Mark Lillya; Sebastian Fletcher-Taylor; Bruce E. Cohen; Karen Zito; Jon T. Sack
Maryline Beurg; Jong-Hoon Nam; Robert Fettiplace
Alex J. Smith; Gokhan Akdemir; Meetu Wadhwa; Dan Song; Alan S. Verkman
Muhammad S. Khan; Robin M. Shaw
Shannon H. Romer; Sabrina Metzger; Kristiana Peraza; Matthew C. Wright; D. Scott Jobe; Long-Sheng Song; Mark M. Rich; Brent D. Foy; Robert J. Talmadge; Andrew A. Voss
Sylvia Fechner; Isabel D’Alessandro; Lingxin Wang; Calvin Tower; Li Tao; Miriam B. Goodman
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