Vol. 203, No. 6, June 12, 2006. Pages 1543–1550.

Please note that an error appeared in the online early release html version of this article. The final html, pdf, and print versions appear correctly. For reference, the correction appears below.

Due to a production error, two typographical errors appear in the Abstract. In the second sentence, “αγ CD4+CD8+” should have read “αβ CD4+CD8+.” In the third sentence, “Eα but not Eα” should have read “Eδ but not Eα.” The corrected sentences appear below:

“However, Ptcra- as well as Tcra-targeting experiments have suggested that the early expression of Tcra in CD4CD8 cells can partially rescue the development of αβ CD4+CD8+ cells in Ptcra-deficient mice. In this study, we show that the TCR Eδ but not Eα enhancer function is required for the cell surface expression of αβTCR on immature CD4CD8 T cell precursors, which play a crucial role in promoting αβ T cell development in the absence of pre-TCR.”