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In Focus

Researchers question the role of intrakinetochore tension in mitotic progression.

People & Ideas

Bhalla studies the regulation of chromosome synapsis during meiotic prophase.



TOPBP1 acts in homologous recombination repair, impacts the response to chemotherapeutic agent olaparib, and exhibits aberrant patterns in subsets of human ovarian carcinomas.

Microtubule-based motility of peroxisomes is achieved by hitchhiking on early endosomes using the novel endosome-associated linker protein PxdA.

The novel protein EHBP1L1 links Rab8 to Bin1and dynamin to regulate apical transport in epithelial cells.


Taxol induces extensive structural reorganization of the mammalian kinetochore; however, this reorganization is not sufficient to maintain a long-term mitotic arrest unless some of the kinetochores completely lose their attachment to microtubules.

Movement of the GAL locus to the nuclear periphery is part of a large-scale rearrangement of chromosome architecture induced by glucose withdrawal and is regulated by the activities of histone acetyltransferases and histone deacetylases.

An intra-ER sorting process regulates segregation, packaging, and budding of peroxisomal importomer subcomplexes, thereby preventing their premature assembly at the ER.

Adhesion signaling of integrin adhesion complexes (IACs) is sensitive to inhibition of key IAC kinases (FAK and/or Src), but IAC composition is not, demonstrating a separation between signaling and structural contributions of IAC components.

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