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    Cover picture: Chinese hamster ovary cells were synchronized at the onset of S-phase and the earliest-replicating DNA sequences were briefly pulse-labeled with 5-chloro-2'-deoxyuridine (CldU). Prelabeled cells were chased into the next cell cycle and synchronized during G1 (left column) or at the beginning of S-phase (right column). The recruitment of replicating proteins to these chromosomal domains was examined by immunolabeling with antibodies specific for CldU (green) and either Mcm2 (red, top row) or RPA (red, bottom row). Mcm2 was bound to early-replicating chromatin throughout G1-phase and was displaced from replicons shortly after their initiation. By contrast, RPA associated transiently with chromosomal domains at the specific time of S-phase when they replicated. See related article in this issue by Dimitrova et al., 709-722.
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