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Immune Cell Biology 2024

This collection covers host-virus interactions, T cell development and activation, myeloid cells, and B cells. The collection includes work describing novel adhesive structures formed in myeloid immune cells, how ribosomal biosynthesis supports T cell activation, and NLRP3 inflammasome activation. JCB has long been a home for exciting advances on immune cell biology, which we extend here with advances in subjects ranging from T cell receptor regulation in thymocytes to the mechanisms of phagosome maturation.

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Image © 2023 Stempels et al.

Special Collection Image
Saara Hämälistö; Felipe Del Valle Batalla; María Isabel Yuseff; Pieta K. Mattila
Lina Zhou; Shuai Wang; Wei Hu; Xiaoqian Liu; Lingdong Xu; Bolu Tong; Tongtong Zhang; Zhonghui Xue; Yixin Guo; Jing Zhao; Linrong Lu; Hengyu Fan; Wenbin Qian; Jian Chen; Wei Chen; Lie Wang
Andrei I. Smid; Sam J. Garforth; Maryam S. Obaid; Hannah R. Bollons; John R. James
Fátima Martín-Sánchez; Vincent Compan; Alejandro Peñín-Franch; Ana Tapia-Abellán; Ana I. Gómez; María C. Baños-Gregori; Florian I. Schmidt; Pablo Pelegrin
Inbal Kol; Ahmed Rishiq; Mevaseret Cohen; Shira Kahlon; Ophir Pick; Liat Dassa; Natan Stein; Yotam Bar-On; Dana G. Wolf; Einat Seidel; Ofer Mandelboim
Femmy C. Stempels; Muwei Jiang; Harry M. Warner; Magda-Lena Moser; Maaike H. Janssens; Sjors Maassen; Iris H. Nelen; Rinse de Boer; William F. Jiemy; David Knight; Julian Selley; Ronan O’Cualain; Maksim V. Baranov; Thomas C.Q. Burgers; Roberto Sansevrino; Dragomir Milovanovic; Peter Heeringa; Matthew C. Jones; Rifka Vlijm; Martin ter Beest; Geert van den Bogaart
Jing Ze Wu; Mariia Zeziulia; Whijin Kwon; Thomas J. Jentsch; Sergio Grinstein; Spencer A. Freeman

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