Drosophila oocytes develop together with 15 sister germline nurse cells (NCs), which pass products to the oocyte through intercellular bridges. The NCs are completely eliminated during stages 12–14, but we discovered that at stage 10B, two specific NCs fuse with the oocyte and extrude their nuclei through a channel that opens in the anterior face of the oocyte. These nuclei extinguish in the ooplasm, leaving 2 enucleated and 13 nucleated NCs. At stage 11, the cell boundaries of the oocyte are mostly restored. Oocytes in egg chambers that fail to eliminate NC nuclei at stage 10B develop with abnormal morphology. These findings show that stage 10B NCs are distinguished by position and identity, and that NC elimination proceeds in two stages: first at stage 10B and later at stages 12–14.

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