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Boukens and colleagues show that changes in ventricular repolarization in the ectothermic ball python are modulated by the sympathetic nervous system and not directly by changes in temperature. Their work shows that regulation of this process is conserved between pythons and mammals.

Riel et al. screened K+ channels of the K2P family for sensitivity to polyanionic lipids, such as PIP2 and oleoyl-CoA. They show that these lipids activate or inhibit individual channels with different affinity and establish them as potential effectors to regulate channel activity.


Lewalle et al. review differences in skinned and intact muscle preparations.


Helmes and Palmer review research by Kobirumaki-Shimozawa et al.

Research News

JGP study on python snakes reveals that the regulation of ventricular repolarization by the sympathetic nervous system is evolutionarily conserved.

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