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Generally Physiological


Research Articles

Constitutive and ligand-dependent GHSR1a activity attenuates CaV2 current and hypothalamic GABA release through distinct mechanisms and signaling pathways.

Integrins mediate endothelial NO production and vasodilation in response to the compression of muscle arterioles.

Analyses of the Tmc1 Beethoven mouse mutant indicate that hair cell mechanotransducer channel adaptation in mammals is mainly regulated by changes in intracellular Ca2+.

Methods and Approaches

The cytosolic reducing agent glutathione can reverse thiol modification of cysteine residues inside the pores of connexins and other channels permeable to large molecules.


Replacement of a single proline with threonine gives rise to an altered conformation of the Drosophila CNG channel selectivity filter that leads to weak Ca2+ block of monovalent ion current.

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