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Generally Physiological


Research Articles

Calmodulin promotes vesicle replenishment at photoreceptor ribbon synapses, enabling cones to transmit higher-frequency visual information.

NMDA receptor conductance and gating is directly affected by fluctuations in extracellular calcium concentration.

A mouse model of Huntington’s disease shows impaired calcium handling in skeletal muscle, potentially contributing to the pathology of the disease.

The tremorogenic alkaloid paxilline binds more tightly to closed conformations of the BK channel, stabilizing the closed state.

Net free-energy measurements can be combined with mutant cycle analysis to determine interaction energies between specific amino acid pairs during channel activation.

Gating interaction analysis reveals a cluster of three conserved amino acids that couple structural transitions in the potassium channel voltage sensor to those in the pore.

Sulfonylureas suppress the stimulatory effect of Mg-nucleotides on recombinant β-cell (Kir6.2/SUR1) but not cardiac (Kir6.2/SUR2A) KATP channels.


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