Vol. 203, No. 2, February 20, 2006. Pages 265–268.

The term interferon β promoter stimulator 1 (IPS) referred to in the text originates from the work of Kawai et al. (Kawai, T., K.Takahashi, S. Sato, C. Coban, H. Kumar, H. Kato, K.J. Ishii, O. Takeuchi, and S. Akira. 2005. IPS-1, an adaptor triggering RIG-I- and Mda5-mediated type I interferon induction. Nat. Immunol. 6:981–988). The reference was inadvertently not cited in the original text.

Please note that an error also appeared in the online early release version of this article. The final html, pdf, and print versions have been corrected. For reference, the correction appears below.

The authors regret an error in Fig. 1. The arrow from the TLR7-9–expressing endosomes (TLR7(8)) should be directed towards MyD88 (rather than towards TRIF). The corrected figure and its legend appear below.