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    Cover picture: The optic lobes of the larval brain of Drosophila contain many dividing cell types, including cells of the inner and outer proliferative zones (sheets of epithelial-like cells) and the neuroblasts, large round neural stem cells, which divide asymmetrically to produce one neural precursor per cell division. The tumor suppressor dAPC2 (red) is highly expressed in the proliferative zones, whereas Armadillo (green) is enriched in axons. In the neuroblasts, dAPC2 and Armadillo share a striking asymmetric distribution and colocalize to a cortical crescent next to the position of the future daughter cell. For more information about the interaction of dAPC2 and Armadillo, and the functions of dAPC2 in Drosophila development, see the related article in this issue by McCartney et al., 1303-1318.
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