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Cancer Cell Biology 2023

Efforts to improve our understanding and treatment of cancer span all facets of cell biology, and that breadth is reflected in this collection. Readers will discover new mechanisms of cell migration and invasion in breast and prostate cancer, developmental signaling that dictates pancreatic cancer progression, and crosstalk between senescent cells and the immune system. This collection also features new work on the nanoscale organization of chimeric antigen receptors and novel mechanisms of metabolic adaptation to fuel cancer cells via macropinocytosis. 

In addition, we are pleased to present a special magazine that contains the abstracts of some of the research articles from this collection, as well as cancer research published in two other Rockefeller University Press journals, the Journal of Experimental Medicine and Life Science AllianceDownload the special collection PDF here.

The JCB editorial team hopes readers enjoy this collection and we welcome your feedback on Twitter at @JCellBiol. Sign up to receive notifications about future special collections here.

Image © 2022 Beppler et al.

Special Collection Image
Emma Sandilands; Eva C. Freckmann; Erin M. Cumming; Alvaro Román-Fernández; Lynn McGarry; Jayanthi Anand; Laura Galbraith; Susan Mason; Rachana Patel; Colin Nixon; Jared Cartwright; Hing Y. Leung; Karen Blyth; David M. Bryant
Eric Hurwitz; Parash Parajuli; Seval Ozkan; Celine Prunier; Thien Ly Nguyen; Deanna Campbell; Creighton Friend; Allyn Austin Bryan; Ting-Xuan Lu; Steven Christopher Smith; Mohammed Shawkat Razzaque; Keli Xu; Azeddine Atfi
Gabriel Kreider-Letterman; Abel Castillo; Eike K. Mahlandt; Joachim Goedhart; Agustin Rabino; Silvia Goicoechea; Rafael Garcia-Mata
Casey Beppler; John Eichorst; Kyle Marchuk; En Cai; Carlos A. Castellanos; Venkataraman Sriram; Kole T. Roybal; Matthew F. Krummel
Daniela Schloesser; Laura Lindenthal; Julia Sauer; Kyoung-Jin Chung; Triantafyllos Chavakis; Eva Griesser; Praveen Baskaran; Ulrike Maier-Habelsberger; Katrin Fundel-Clemens; Ines Schlotthauer; Carolin Kirsten Watson; Lee Kim Swee; Frederik Igney; John Edward Park; Markus S. Huber-Lang; Matthew-James Thomas; Karim Christian El Kasmi; Peter J. Murray
Danilo Lopes; Alexandre L. Seabra; Bernardo Orr; Helder Maiato
Zhentai Huang; Chi-Wei Chen; Raquel Buj; Naveen Kumar Tangudu; Richard S. Fang; Kelly E. Leon; Erika S. Dahl; Erika L. Varner; Eliana von Krusenstiern; Aidan R. Cole; Nathaniel W. Snyder; Katherine M. Aird
Areej Abu Rmaileh; Balakrishnan Solaimuthu; Anees Khatib; Shirel Lavi; Mayur Tanna; Arata Hayashi; Michal Ben Yosef; Michal Lichtenstein; Nir Pillar; Yoav D. Shaul
Ebrahim Eskandari; Connie J. Eaves
Nuria Ferrandiz; Laura Downie; Georgina P. Starling; Stephen J. Royle
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