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Editors’ picks 2021

Every year, JCB features the papers that most captured our readers' interest in The Year in Cell Biology collection. This month, our staff editors share some of their other favorite, recent JCB papers. Dan Simon selected Maza et al., a study harnessing the highly specialized photoreceptor rod to understand the fundamental cell biology underlying protein targeting, and Déjardin et al., revealing how tension sensing by nuclear envelope–anchored nesprins modulates signaling. Lucia Morgado Palacin chose works by Sai et al. describing a necroptosis-independent role for RIPK3-MLKL signaling in pathogenic clearance without host cell killing, and by Yin et al., linking lysosome biogenesis to cell cycle progression through CDK inhibition. Tim Spencer picked a study from Wang et al. characterizing retinal subtype progenitors and their lineage-defining transcription factors, and work by Long et al. shedding light on the mechanisms maintaining spindle structure despite changes in force during chromosome segregation. Melina Casadio selected an article by Fischer et al. providing an exciting new take on the mechanisms underlying cGAS/STING-triggered LC3 lipidation and a study by Silva et al. testing what happens to meiosis progression, chromosome segregation, and organization without cohesin regulation by Wapl. Andrea Marat opted for work by Du et al. that identifies a species of phosphoinositides on lipid droplets, opening up research into what controls its presence and how it functions on this organelle, and an article by Liu et al. showcasing a key role for lysosomal activity in extending lifespan in vivo upon mitochondria dysfunction. Andrea, JCB's Reviews Editor, also included the Viewpoint by Lord et al. proposing a method to better display reproducibility in plotted data.

Image ©2020 Déjardin et al.

Special Collection Image
Tara D. Fischer; Chunxin Wang; Benjamin S. Padman; Michael Lazarou; Richard J. Youle
Théophile Déjardin; Pietro Salvatore Carollo; François Sipieter; Patricia M. Davidson; Cynthia Seiler; Damien Cuvelier; Bruno Cadot; Cecile Sykes; Edgar R. Gomes; Nicolas Borghi
Mei Wang; Lei Du; Aih Cheun Lee; Yan Li; Huiwen Qin; Jie He
Qiuyuan Yin; Youli Jian; Meng Xu; Xiahe Huang; Niya Wang; Zhifang Liu; Qian Li; Jinglin Li; Hejiang Zhou; Lin Xu; Yingchun Wang; Chonglin Yang
Alexandra F. Long; Pooja Suresh; Sophie Dumont
Samuel J. Lord; Katrina B. Velle; R. Dyche Mullins; Lillian K. Fritz-Laylin
Yasmine J. Liu; Rebecca L. McIntyre; Georges E. Janssens; Evan G. Williams; Jiayi Lan; Michel van Weeghel; Bauke Schomakers; Henk van der Veen; Nicole N. van der Wel; Pallas Yao; William B. Mair; Ruedi Aebersold; Alyson W. MacInnes; Riekelt H. Houtkooper
Mariana C.C. Silva; Sean Powell; Sabrina Ladstätter; Johanna Gassler; Roman Stocsits; Antonio Tedeschi; Jan-Michael Peters; Kikuë Tachibana
Ximing Du; Linkang Zhou; Yvette Celine Aw; Hoi Yin Mak; Yanqing Xu; James Rae; Wenmin Wang; Armella Zadoorian; Sarah E. Hancock; Brenna Osborne; Xiang Chen; Jia-Wei Wu; Nigel Turner; Robert G. Parton; Peng Li; Hongyuan Yang
Nycole A. Maza; William E. Schiesser; Peter D. Calvert
Kazuhito Sai; Cameron Parsons; John S. House; Sophia Kathariou; Jun Ninomiya-Tsuji
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