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The Year in Cell Biology: 2020

A collection of the diverse research of the JCB community, from how cancer cells “reprogram” natural killer cells to facilitate metastasis to work that reveals a role for optineurin and ATG9A in modulating ubiquitin-induced mitophagy. With articles that examine the mechanisms by which microtubules prevent cell rupture during amoeboid migration and the role of proteasome distribution in regulating the GABAergic response switch in neurons, this collection has something for everyone.

Find the original research articles below and download our magazine with brief summaries and author insight.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, including scientists’ ability to conduct research both safely and effectively. The work published over the past year serves as a testament to the ingenuity, fortitude, and dedication of the community.

We are grateful to our reviewers, who volunteer their time and energy throughout the year; you, our readers; and most especially our authors. We thank you for continuing to submit your best work to us.

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Image © 2020 Yamano et al.

Special Collection Image
Isaac S. Chan; Hildur Knútsdóttir; Gayathri Ramakrishnan; Veena Padmanaban; Manisha Warrier; Juan Carlos Ramirez; Matthew Dunworth; Hao Zhang; Elizabeth M. Jaffee; Joel S. Bader; Andrew Josef Ewald
Maria Chiara Raso; Nikola Djoric; Franziska Walser; Sandra Hess; Fabian Marc Schmid; Sibylle Burger; Klaus-Peter Knobeloch; Lorenza Penengo
Koji Yamano; Reika Kikuchi; Waka Kojima; Ryota Hayashida; Fumika Koyano; Junko Kawawaki; Takuji Shoda; Yosuke Demizu; Mikihiko Naito; Keiji Tanaka; Noriyuki Matsuda
Yui Tomioka; Tetsuya Kotani; Hiromi Kirisako; Yu Oikawa; Yayoi Kimura; Hisashi Hirano; Yoshinori Ohsumi; Hitoshi Nakatogawa
Aglaja Kopf; Jörg Renkawitz; Robert Hauschild; Irute Girkontaite; Kerry Tedford; Jack Merrin; Oliver Thorn-Seshold; Dirk Trauner; Hans Häcker; Klaus-Dieter Fischer; Eva Kiermaier; Michael Sixt
PeiQi Li; Joshua Aaron Lees; C. Patrick Lusk; Karin M. Reinisch
Aymeric Chorlay; Abdou Rachid Thiam
Robert G. Abrisch; Samantha C. Gumbin; Brett Taylor Wisniewski; Laura L. Lackner; Gia K. Voeltz
Eisuke Itakura; Momoka Chiba; Takeshi Murata; Akira Matsuura
Min Lee; Yen-Chen Liu; Chen Chen; Chi-Huan Lu; Shao-Tzu Lu; Tzyy-Nan Huang; Meng-Tsung Hsu; Yi-Ping Hsueh; Pei-Lin Cheng
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