3T3 plasma membranes were added to subconfluent cultures of SV3T3 cells in the presence of fusogens. If this protocol results in the introduction into the SV3T3 cell membrane of 3T3 plasma membrane components responsible for density-dependent inhibition of growth, then the SV3T3 cell cultures would be expected to show decreased rates of DNA synthesis as they approach confluence. Results of these experiments indicate that rates of DNA synthesis in SV3T3 cultures so treated were as much as 63% less than in untreated controls. This effect could not be attributed to the fusogens or to the 3T3 plasma membranes alone. This growth-inhibitory effect is specific for 3T3 membranes and is not observed when SV3T3 plasma membranes are fused with SV3T3 cell cultures. These data support the hypothesis that one aspect of the loss of density-dependent inhibition of growth in SV3T3 cells is a deletion or alteration in plasma membrane components and, further, that density-dependent inhibition of growth can be in part restored to SV3T3 cell cultures by fusing the cells with 3T3 plasma membranes.

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