The transmembrane association of the measles virus hemagglutinin and hemolysin surface proteins with intracellular viral antigens was studied. Rabbit antisera monospecific for measles virus matrix and nucleocapsid proteins and a human antiserum containing specificities for both the hemagglutinin and hemolysin proteins were used to study the co-capping of these proteins in human Lu 106 cell-line, chronically infected with measles virus. Capping of the surface-associated envelope components was accompanied by co-capping of the matrix and nucleocapsid proteins, the latter being localized mainly within the inclusions. This demonstrated transmembrane communication between surface-associated envelope components and the intracellular measles virus matrix and nucleocapsid proteins. The results demonstrated the existence of a linkage between viral inclusions and viral proteins associated with cell membranes. In the presence of cytochalasin B (1--2 micrograms/ml), co-capping of the matrix protein was unchanged or slightly enhanced, whereas co-capping of the nucleocapsid protein decreased, indicating that actin filaments may mediate the communication between viral nucleocapsids and the cell membrane.

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