Partial deciliation of Tetrahymena resulted in cells losing 75% of their cilia, with the balance being paralyzed. The paralyzed cilia are resorbed in the first 20 min after partial deciliation, and regeneration of cilia begins before resorption is completed. Inhibition of protein synthesis with cycloheximide does not inhibit ciliary resorption or regeneration, whereas vinblastine sulfate inhibits regeneration but not resorption. Inhibition of regeneration occurs in completely deciliated cells when they are treated with cyclohexmimide or vinblastine sulfate. It is concluded that the resorbing cilia contribute materials which allow regeneration to occur in the absence of protein synthesis.

The volume of cilia regenerated in the presence of cycloheximide in partially deciliated cells is greater than the ciliary volume which is resorbed. This suggests the Tetrahymena cells have a pool of ciliary precursors. This pool does not contribute materials for regeneration in completely deciliated cells which are treated with cycloheximide. It is concluded that resorbing cilia in partially deciliated cells contribute materials which potentiate assembly of cilia from the pool of precursors.

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