The fine structure of synapses in the central nervous system of lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) ammocoetes has been investigated. Both synapses within the neuropil and synaptic links between giant fibers (including Müller cells) and small postsynaptic units are described. The distribution of neurofilaments and microtubules in nerve profiles over a wide diameter range is described, and the possible role of these structures in intracellular transport is discussed. Electron micrographs indicate that small lucent "synaptic vesicles" occur sparsely throughout the axoplasm and in regular arrays in association with microtubules in the vicinity of synapses. Within a synaptic focus, immediately adjoining the presynaptic membrane, vesicles are randomly arranged and are not associated with microtubules. Neurofilaments are present, generally in large numbers, but these are not associated with vesicles or other particulates. The structural findings are considered in terms of current concepts of fast and slow transport in neurons and the mechanochemical control of intracellular movement of materials.

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