By electron microscopy, the ultrastructure of the M line was investigated in fibers from frog nonglycerinated semitendinosus muscles at body length and at different degrees of shortening and stretch. The M line appeared as a line of high electron opacity in the middle of the A band. Its framework consists of: (i) three (four or five) arrays of transverse M bridges, 200 A apart, connecting each A filament with its six neighbors; (ii) M filaments, parallel to the A filaments, passing through the M line and linking each set of M bridges together. In the shortened fiber the M line remained distinct. At high degrees of stretch, the M line became fainter or indiscernible. This appearance reflects a misalignment of the M components caused by a staggering of the A filaments. The M line reappeared after release of fibers stretched 70–80% above equilibrium length. On the basis of the structural analysis, the possible function of the M line is compared with that of the Z line, and a model is suggested for the M line.

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